Ever heard a good Obama joke? Or any joke about him?

Published 0 days ago on June 17, 2018

Ever heard a good joke about Obama, or any joke at all? Remarkable really that eight years of Obama as president, a fine and admirable man that he is, have not produced a single decent gag from the mainstream comedy lot, even though there was plenty to laugh about. His habit of religiously, almost fanatically, reading from the prepared script, without straying from it for a moment, should have at least given life to some jokes, especially considering that even Bush Junior, who wasn't the brightest of the lot, strayed from his scripts at times. How funny is that comparison alone? And did Mr Obama by any chance use the autocue when he spoke to his wife and children or his mother-in-law who lived with them in the White House? There are a couple of jokes in it for you already. And how does that silence of the comedy lot about Mr Obama compare to their treatment of President Donald Trump? Well, it makes the funny men and women look pretty biased and unfair, if you ask me. Ever since Mr Trump became an official candidate for the top job in the land practically every mainstream comedian and comedienne in America went on the attack, with jokes and gags and sketches at times going well beyond humour and satire. And when Trump had won the White House, the comedy onslaught intensified, with some people even hinting that maybe it was time that someone whacked the president, or that impeachment would be the best option to put him out of his misery. Could you imagine anyone saying anything even close to that about Mr Obama, a fine and admirable man that he is, during his time in the White House? This stark difference between the way the mainstream comedy crowd in America made life easy for Obama and the way it ganged against President Trump does not compliment the former, a fine and admirable man that he is. Especially when you consider that Mr Obama as president did give plenty of reasons for a bit of ridicule. That Nobel Peace Prize that he had accepted during his first year in office, having done nothing to deserve it, was a bit - how can I put it? - out of the ordinary. And his relatives getting caught by the cops and turning out to have been living as illegal immigrants for decades could have prompted some comedian talent to notice the irony of the situation. Not forgetting, of course, Mr Obama's serious enjoyment of golf that he played tirelessly, even when duty called and demanded that he should have been someplace else. And his obsession with celebrities could have sparked a joke or two. And as for a bit of black humour, well, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate sending them drones all over the world on killer missions, that could have actually been a good subject for some healthy ridicule. But no, the comedy crowd in America during the eight years of Mr Obama in the White House seemed to have been looking the other way, going after people like George W and Sarah Palin and other Republicans who were considered more important that the sitting president. Talk about the wrong choice of priorities. And how about the reluctance of the comedy circuit to laugh at the way President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton when she was standing in the race for the presidency against Mr Trump? Now that was really funny. There was Trump at his election rallies, swamped by his supporters who turned out in their tens of thousands, and there was Mrs Clinton, addressing a few dozen folks who wondered in to check what all that noise was about, but the comedy crowd missed the irony altogether, watching in appreciative silence how their idol Obama and their favourite woman Hillary struggled to get the Democrat's campaign going. It was probably the first ever presidential race in American history when the sitting president, a fine and admirable man that he is, made a total mess of his own party's election campaign by overdoing it with his insincere praise for the Clintons whom he obviously couldn't stand, along with the majority of the nation. And yet, the comedy lot, headed by that very unfunny collective from the dreary Saturday Night Live show, had the nerve to claim that Obama 'energised' Hillary's election effort. The bottom line is that American mainstream comedy has done a great disservice to Mr Obama, a fine and admirable man that he is, by ignoring and even trying to conceal his weaknesses and making him look ridiculous because of that, while inadvertently helping Trump by unfairly mocking him and giving people even more reasons to support him. Ain't life a bitch when you get your comedy act all wrong, eh?